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Japanese sun printing ink makes company limited brief introduction
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Japanese sun printing ink makes company limited brief introduction

Japanese sun printing ink makes a company limited held water 1953, produce per year at was being built in Chinese Suzhou 2003 3, 000 tons printing ink factory, base of the 4th after becoming Taiwan of United States of this company afterwards, Korea, China to save overseas production, its product was in 2006 the whole world is congener of the market have rate be as high as 50% .

To answer the growth of Chinese demand, japanese sun printing ink is made new plant will be opened in Guangdong province in January 2010, put into production is used at personal computer and mobile phone printed circuit board (PWB) the product such as printing ink, with increasing the market share that is in China further. This is the 2nd factory that this company is in Chinese place, main production spray is in PWB apparently the printing ink that serves as insulating material.

In addition, this company plans to return the existing factory extend Japan and Korea, 2010 year raise the integral yield of electronic material than 07 year about 35% , achieve about 23 thousand tons.

Achieve about 23 thousand tons..