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Japanese research and development goes out but the printing machine of edible se
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Japanese research and development goes out but the printing machine of edible sex printing ink

Japan prints engine production company Yingde company develops Masidama successfully production gave printing ink of a kind of use edibility to be in food surface is direct printing machine of black-and-white edibility printing ink. The printer that the means that this printing machine uses eject edibility printing ink has do not osculatory food art, can undertake all sorts of graphs are mixed of all sorts of appearance presswork, apply extensively in the surface such as day type cake, cake, chocolate and biscuit to presswork character and design.

As we have learned, this company is made and appear on the market sold apply to presswork the printing machine with the special appearance such as board and all sorts of plasterboard material, stone material and qualitative material. Use these technologies, this company is chromatic makings with additive agent for food, namely pigment, replace printing ink, development goes can presswork directly in food surface character, picture and the printing machine system that take phasor case. Use as the colorant of printing ink has with sweet the turnip, beet natural pigment that makes for raw material 4 kinds, still can make up the new pigment that give a variety of cooperating and becomes and 6 kinds of food to use tar kind secondary colour element, can make up other a variety of complex set synthesize pigment. Use natural the breed with synthetic tar pigment is varied, want course answer to match modulation only, can make namely (except up to now modulation technology returns short of) the breed of have everything that one expects to find. Include printing ink remover inside all sorts of pressworking that can pass additive agent for food to make up entirely and become with printing ink.

The printing machine that carries eject printing ink is OK all sorts of different edibility printing ink undertakes do not osculatory food and eject is in food surface, complete all sorts of characters, design presswork. Still can undertake taking a picture of picture and computer data presswork, the existing computer on the unit process of cargo bandling when pressworking and market uses printing machine identical. In the meantime, do not need to heat up the filmy material that depicts and so on, presswork cost is low, of product of appropriate small lot, much breed presswork. Current, cake of numerous day type and common cake nod kind of production company to had introduced this kind of printing machine, the local speciality that is in the cake related to wedding and cake and sightseeing ground tastes the food that waits for a respect use in production.
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