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Demand of environmental protection of offset print printing ink has " flourishin
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Demand of environmental protection of offset print printing ink has " flourishing " situation

Current, environmental protection, free from contamination already became more and more pressworking a of printing ink of user choose and buy fundamental premise, visible, the environmental protection problem of printing ink had gotten produce the wide attention of business and user. As we have learned, at present already factory of a few large printing ink passed attestation of ISO14000 environment system. Of course the printing ink that this shows not completely to they are produced is the environmental protection Chinese ink on real significance, but factory of printing ink of at least specification already had environmental protection consciousness. To pressworking for the factory, if use environmental protection Chinese ink to won't be caused,imprint quality quantity drops, to worker body harmless, natural what is there against it, but price of Chinese ink of most now environmental protection is actually high, presswork quality is not stable, because this pressworks the plant is not big also to the demand of environmental protection Chinese ink.

Of offset print printing ink not environmental protection, basically behave the odour in it, sign up for Chinese ink especially. Newspaper prints of the workshop ventilated too strong meeting creates appearance of flying Chinese ink, abate wind force can make flavour of workshop printing ink too heavy again; Additional, imprint the humidity that signs up for a workshop is bigger, and at present printing ink still is to use mineral oil to make solvent more very, make imprint the odour that signs up for workshop printing ink and dissolvent is very big, cause particular menace to the health of handlers. But although such, newspaper prints or favore printing ink of traditional offset print, because, the environmental protection printing ink that manufactures at present because the limitation of composition, osmotic poorer, affected dry rate, presswork with high speed ask to not agree with. So the user hopes the newspaper uses offset print printing ink to be able to assure to presswork already very much the effect, want to have environmental protection sex again. The environmental protection sex that signs up for course of study to use offset print printing ink is not ideal, the environmental protection consciousness with everybody is dim the course of study that reach a newspaper pressworks the factory is concerned not high to environmental protection requirement. Believe, as the country of relevant policy come on stage, presswork the industry will have more demand to environmental protection printing ink.
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