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Quality of offset print printing ink raises in the right way to
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Offset print printing inkQuality raises in the right way to

The diversification that reachs breed to presswork quality to satisfy an user asks, presswork publication and presswork the product that pack must be mixed to diversification high-grade change directional development, to achieve this one goal, presswork to the factory is being updated ceaselessly and be perfected presswork equipment while, it is newer, better to also need presswork material -- presswork printing ink. Mo Zaiyin of glue stamp-pad ink brushs a domain to be in significant position all the time, representing the current situation of printing ink product and development way, accordingly, come for years, mostly the technical research and development that printing ink enterprise did not stop to cross pair of offset print printing ink works, improve old product ceaselessly, development is saleable the printing ink of new-style offset print of satisfy the need, in breed grow in quantity while, product quality is progressively also to international advanced level is stood by. Be like, light of high-grade offset print is wash-and-wear the crop that wait and quality are in printing ink of offset print of solidify of printing ink of cycle of printing ink of printing ink of printing ink, paperboard offset print, newspaper cycle offset print, Leng Gu offset print, UV year after year rises.

Some closer year come, business of printing ink production is the lubricious chroma in offset print printing ink, dry sex, water-resistance, comfortable imprint the main technique index such as the stability on gender, machine fluctuated not little time, also gained remarkable success. Nevertheless, the development speed of printing ink still pressworks not as good as it seems that the technology is fast, the inadequacy of its quality always is shown when presswork come out. Basically center on a few of printing ink main index.

1. lubricious chroma

Lubricious chroma namely colorific degree of saturation, now, newspaper has been no longer in black and white old pattern, more color that had changed graph Wen Bingmao sign up for, the lubricious chroma demand that because this user pressworks to newspaper,uses offset print printing ink is higher also. The advertisement on colour newspaper, picture, title is more dazzing, because this needs the lubricious chroma of printing ink,should rise relatively. But the lubricious chroma that a lot of newspapers use printing ink now is not quite ideal, presswork the factory pressworks to assure density, must increase Chinese ink amount, or the percentage that increases a site, but the result certainly will that such doing causes caboodle Chinese ink, quantity of use Chinese ink increases. Increase Chinese ink to the quantity still can cause a site and be connected. Site of normal cycle offset print increases should control in 25% the following, if ink stick became big, can cause administrative levels is lost and the site is excessive increase, especially picture, the site increases the consequence that cause more apparent. Additional, appear before a few years more serious problem is inadequacy of Hei Mo colour saturation, still exist now, but not be big question any more. Causing the account with lubricious small chroma of black Chinese ink is to presswork the factory pressworks in common written language when, to reduce cost, chose the Hei Mo that low, quality needs the price a bit. Because have such demand, naturally factory of a few printing ink produces this kind of inferior printing ink, affected the integral quality of printing ink.
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