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Development RFID packs box unifinication label
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Development RFID packs box unifinication label
TI of apparatus of state of heart of business of RFID label production (TexasIn - Struments) the chipboard that is located in Chicago with and manufacturer of the product that pack, the ─ of ─ of the mode that pack that developed a kind to use RFID label on the box that pack jointly " label of unifinication of the RFID box that pack " . This kind of mode is a RFID label sets system (Inlay) direct and compositive in moire carton, label antenna is by electric conduction printing ink pressworks to go up to the case directly, with RFID through electric adhesive the autograph is taken (Strap) seal aerial rise. The chipboard cent of moire carton is 3: Layer of a wall (chipboard of fine dried noodles) , intermediate undee layer and outside mural layer (chipboard of fine dried noodles) . Embed the label between wall layer and undee layer to embedded body to be protected well.
The RFID autograph band of form of this kind of butterfly is formed by an integrated circuit and two electric spacer. The company is forecasted in the future this kind sets RED label system compositive can be consumptive commodity to pack a company to save labor cost and cost of material to the mode of the material that pack, because this kind of mode need not be bought,enclose label independently.
"This kind of box that pack is the product of a future, resemble notional car a bit. " Smurfit - the vice-president JosephLeBlanc of Stone responsible research and development says, "The demand with the mass production many demand of this kind of product, even bigger than having the demand of pair of intelligence label. " however, he thinks this is planted of the concept confirming is to cross the one step with went out important. Because make photograph comparing with label of finished product RFID, the making stuff that autograph of this kind of RFID takes manufacturing step is less, little, make the production of many, low cost became a possibility.
"We signed the sample of the belt to had developed 18 months to unifinication of this kind of RFID, " TI - RFID ultrahigh frequency / is retail supply catenary to be in charge of TonySabetti to say, "This is aerial the first RFID autograph that imprints on the material that pack directly takes sample. "This is aerial the first RFID autograph that imprints on the material that pack directly takes sample..
Sabetti speaks of, the development with quality of electric printing ink and newest chroma rose to pack the readability of naked label in box greatly. His complement explains, belt of this kind of autograph can pass TI - RFID / Smur - Fit - the means of label of the StonRFID box that pack or label process a future life produce label to set system, aerial can be pressworked to embed body to go up to label, zip subsequently autograph belt. Find a place for an antenna go up in an IC chip, this one process does not need to undertake in the space that do not have dirt now, also be this reason makes a few label enclose business to TI belt of autograph of this kind of label is interested.
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