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See the international market of adhesive and sealant
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See the international market of adhesive and sealant

American adhesive and sealant market rise quickly. American adhesive and sealant market sale will grow with rapidder rate in the near future, main reason is price rises gradually, and the product that market place wants is being transferred to high end. The sale last year is American sealant market about 1.8 billion dollar, predict to arrive from now on 2010, have the growth of 4.2% every year. Selling quantity stayed in 6 last year. 800 million pound, predict to arrive from now on 2010, grow those who have 2.6% every year. In sealant raw material, silicone and polyurethane balata are used up will continue to hold main position; Other raw material, be like emulsion and butyl balata take second place. Current, the staple market of bind agent and sealant still is bldg. , it is traffic domain, daily consumable and industrial equipment next. Construction industry appears at present fatigued and weak, the demand of traffic industry is increasing. Sealant is in noise, shock-proof the application that waits for a domain is main point of growth. About adhesive, the market dimensions 2007 is the United States 9.5 billion dollar, arrive from now on 2010, add every year fast will be 6% . Selling quantity was 6.6 billion pound about 2007, arrive from now on 2010, grow those who have 3% every year.

The market with American bind agent and the mainest sealant, it is paper products and relevant product, it is building, industry is assembled next, wood and traffic are carried wait for a domain. The growth rate in paper products market predicts to will be achieved 3.8% , and the growth rate of the others domain is in mostly 1.5% ~ the limits of 2% . The conformity inside the industry also is undertaking actively. Chinese the sticky mixture that high company bought company of A Kesu Nobel recently and business of electronic product raw material, make Chinese the eldest child that high company makes global adhesive and sealant market. Vast at the same time dark company of special type chemical is buying Hengsimaiji round relevant business. At present the total sales of global adhesive and sealant market, it is 27 billion ~ about 30 billion dollar, among them American market consumption is 11 billion dollar, occupy the 1/3 of global market about. As a result of adhesive / sealant demand is driving, in recent years the strength that a few big production companies of American increased investment enlarge to produce. Be in early 2005, company of American Hexion special chemical, bought property of the printing ink of company of Nobel of A Kesu • and adhesive colophony with 113 million dollar; Ba Sifu finished the extend that builds Si Maer plant in the United States, make of adhesive and other utility get together ether amine is produced can increase 1 times.
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