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Pink of homebred titanium white in the market the advantage is disappearing
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Pink of homebred titanium white in the market the advantage is disappearing

◆ whole nation always is produced can be about to serious and superfluous. According to estimation, the apparent consumption of pink of domestic titanium white was 1.06 million tons about 2007, grow 15% than 2006. If press the industry of 10%-15% to estimate market of titanium white pink year average increase rate, to 2011 demand of pink of domestic titanium white will achieve 148-185 10 thousand tons. The yield that will achieve with the corresponding period can be compared 2.3 million tons, will serious superfluous.
Mate of cost of ◆ raw material increases. The acid value that be like sulfur increased in going two years severalfold, current price is as high as 2000 yuan / ton. Also rose plus titanium concentrate price a lot of, On June 30, 2005Titanium concentrate price is 650 yuan about / ton, On June 29, 2007Achieve 940-1200 yuan / ton exalted. Raw material price rises make cost of production of titanium white pink soars.
Policy of ◆ exit drawback is adjusted bring about exit to issue defeat badly. In July 2007, industry of titanium white pink regards high cost as industry of can tall pollution, cancelled the exit drawback of 13% , whitening sufferring titanium cancels to export drawback to affect, accumulative total of our country of the 3rd quarter exported twenty-four thousand seven hundred tons 2007, drop compared to the same period 52.1% , before get along with 2 quarters export a quantity on average to drop 43.8% .
Cost of ◆ environmental protection raises substantially. For instance, the liquid waste that technology of production of pink of vitriolic law titanium white generates, waste residue is more, the country increases considerably below environmental protection standard, enterprise of pink of a lot of titanium white the risk that investment of patiently environmental protection increases, return can patiently production to bear the risk of the influence even.
◆ regards water, report as large family, energy cost raises. Production of vitriolic law titanium white expends a large number of water and report, in recent years cost of water, report is rising considerably, energy cost raises to compressing company profit space considerably.
◆ RMB exchange rate rises continuously, pink of entrance titanium white and difference of sale price of market of pink of homebred titanium white are narrowing quickly. Collect oneself after changing, the RMB maintains add dollar to change 6.8608 RMBs all the time, by collect the of 8.11 exchange rate when changing to calculate, accumulative total of RMB add dollar appreciated to already exceeded 15% . To export business, this currency currency value rises the price that virtually raised a product, affected the international competition ability of product value, changed the competitive dominant position that its are restricted to go up in the country infirmly.
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