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Rich happy company (H.B.
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Rich happy company (H.B. Fuller) introduce

H.B. Fuller company is the world's advanced adhesive, sealant, coating and other become privileged the manufacturer of industry product and distributors, 2007 money year, company net income 1.4 billion dollar. Company common stock trades in new York stock exchange.

Rich happy company (H.B. Fuller) announce, they will continue to invest Asia-Pacific area, a new hot frit gum is built in China (HMMC) and get together different butene (PIB) manufacturing plant. Be identical of photograph of program of 5 years of strategies of this one investment and company, the key is enlarging company territory.

New plant construction anticipates 2009 begin construction first, anticipate 2010 put into production. The center of technology of new Asia-Pacific area of new plant and company together, the help the company satisfies this area more client demand. This factory will produce the special adhesive that a kind of spin needs, also apply to lumber, include change of insulation glass, spin piece structure and shoe.

Company president and presiding apparitor Michele Volpi say, h.B. Fuller devotes oneself to the organic development of the economy in basically developing, include Asia-Pacific area. New plant will continue to support this one strategy, build to enhance the catenary that offer money, provide better service for this area client. We have hope, new plant home will promote us to be in organic development figure of the Asia.

New plant home will promote us to be in organic development figure of the Asia..