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Guangzhou Wei Zhen professional management of various types of printing inks a
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Zhen Wei Trading Co., Ltd. was established in Guangzhou in 2003, specializes in various types of printing inks and related supporting material. Guangzhou Wei Zhen-based international famous brand, provide a reliable product quality and perfect technical services, is committed to China's printing industry in research and development. Create a more secure environment, high performance quality products to help customers add value printing. Wei Zhen Guangzhou DIC is currently Acting Group (including Sun Chemical and Coates Group) sale of printing ink products, varieties include UV offset printing ink, ordinary offset printing ink and water-based varnish and so on. And access to Siegwerk Group inks Product agency. To fill the gap, the market needs, to further provide customers with a wide range of services, our company specially set up in Guangzhou Center for spot color matching, providing a spot color ink. Improve our ink products Varieties. Completely solve the traditional color for your trouble and inconvenience caused. Effort to make the day to sample the next day fast shipping service. Make your success in the fierce market competition, quick step.