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The development course of miscella Chinese ink
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The development course of miscella Chinese ink

Miscella Chinese ink (Hybrid Ink) is a composition of common printing ink and UV solidify material mix make up a kind of when form new-style printing ink, it will be general printing ink and photograph of UV solidify technology are united in wedlock, lamp of solidify of one or more UV is installed on printing machine, make printing ink can be in traditional sheet piece presswork on paper printing machine, oil of glazing letting UV can imprint quickly be on miscella Chinese ink and solidify, achieve the result of tall burnish glazing that agrees equably.

Function of whole of miscella Chinese ink inferiors a bit than standard UV printing ink, but produce manufacturer to those presswork wanting that what gain profit with less investment and character, miscella Chinese ink is a right choice. Going up early in the century, UV glazing oil is provided with its instant and Gao Guangze, dry reach be able to bear or endure rub the gender is good the first selection that waited for an advantage to already became glazing, reach chemistry difference because of the chemical composition of UV glazing oil and common printing ink however bigger, both antipathic bring about the stick together sex between common printing ink and glazing oil not beautiful. In addition, presswork time of the reservation after the original tall glossiness of glazing finished product been imprintinging is not long, occurrence glossiness drops phenomenon, bring about presswork finished product burnish is inhomogenous, the glossiness that printing ink covers the brunet area with large area drops rate is the oldest, and cover area small or did not presswork the place of printing ink is very bright still.

If common printing ink is complete before glazing dry, so UV glazing effect is very good. Common printing ink appears in dry phase to prevent rear loiter is dirty, reason needs dusting, dusting can make answer originally is shining and flowing printed sheet surface appears arenaceous order state, those who affected the presswork after glazing is specious.
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