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The function that cross-linking agent uses in printing ink system
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The function that cross-linking agent uses in printing ink system

Presswork the size cent that printing ink often is worth according to its viscosity is the fluid shape printing ink with the oar shape printing ink with taller viscosity and very low viscosity. The commonnest in oar shape printing ink is offset print printing ink and screen printing printing ink. And the viscosity of the printing ink such as rotogravure printing ink, flexographic plate printing ink and news printing ink is very low, so these presswork printing ink calls fluid shape printing ink again.
In low viscosity printing ink (fluid shape printing ink) in dry means, passing cross-linking reaction to make printing ink dry is a kind of of printing ink dry means. Pressworking at present the industry is mixed with more and more UV are smooth solidify printing ink EB solidify printing ink (electron beam solidify) belong to category of cross-linking reaction sessile.
Cross-linking reaction is originallying in the compositive composition of printing ink, the cross-linking agent in concatenate makings is composition of among them a kind of crucial composition. The choice stand or fall of cross-linking agent, after the first influence pressworks to printing ink the dry speed of Chinese ink film; The 2nd, the viscosity that cross-linking agent still can affect itself of printing ink system and after pressworking, printing ink is in bear imprint the adhesion function of substance appearance; The 3rd, cross-linking agent still can affect layer of film of presswork surface Chinese ink all sorts of is able to bear or endure fight a gender, for example the hear resistance of presswork surface, light resistance, be able to bear or endure ability in swimming and solvent resistance.
The place on put together is narrated, cross-linking agent is to presswork a kind of when improve printing ink function and the printability that improve printing ink important constituent is used in printing ink and composition of glazing oily recipe. Must choose meticulously when choosing printing ink and the cross-linking dose with fat glazing, in order to gift the character of printing ink or glazing coating extraordinary.
Introduce the agent of a few cross-linking that uses morer in printing ink system and glazing oil here:
The cross-linking agent that oxidation fastens: Date from pressworks the cross-linking agent that uses in printing ink, not saturated oil kind the likelihood calculates material to go up is the patriarch in printing ink system, not saturated oil kind material reacts through aerobic happening cross-linking, achieve printing ink or the dry solid with oily glazing to wear thereby. Agent of oxidation department cross-linking is used in sheet normally piece in printing ink of paper offset print and grease printing ink, be being used in liquid state printing ink is not very much. But, oxidation fastens cross-linking agent to also can be used in liquid state printing ink, and can gift the function with distinctive printing ink, alkali resistance function is the most outstanding advantage of agent of this kind of cross-linking very. There is use very much in this a few advantages in pressworking, for example of soap pack presswork the surface of paper need presswork has very strong alkali resistance sex, right now oxidation fastens cross-linking agent to be able to produce effect. The alcoholic acid that can oxidize and epoxy resin are in a few a few special application can be satisfied in pressworking. When cross-linking agent is being used, oxidation department can deserve to go up the activator that stimulative oxidation reacts, also perhaps need not add activator. Agent of oxidation department cross-linking can give printing ink product to advantageous cement is spent and be able to bear or endure fight a gender.
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