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Aluminous painty technology and printing ink
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Aluminous painty technology and printing ink Coating

Aluminous piece following oxidation reaction can produce in water, and bring send gas evolution case:
2Al 6 H2O - - → 2 Al(OH)3 3 H2
Overcome afore-mentioned problems to have two kinds of technologies that are based on different principle: Among them one of it is additive technology, be in namely of aluminous painty particle apparently with physical method additive package, through a kind mechanism of block secondary floor is in aluminous piece outer form a covering layer, prevent aluminium and water finally to produce reaction. The 2nd kind of technology is called to include Fu technology, aluminous piece be risen by wrap up, individual painty particle is covered completely.
1, additive technology
The most commonly used prevent aluminium piece the method with gas evolution generation is to use organic phosphor compound to undertake handling. This kind of product had existed in the market old, already special and mature. Its are normally in all sorts of dissolvent with 65 % aluminium the form of painty oar appears. Different dissolvent is very necessary, because must cooperate different colophony system and the compatibility of its and stabilizing agent.
Among them a kind of range of products (STAPA Hydrolac series) contain solvent benzine and another kind of dissolvent, solvent can be water () of series of STAPA Hydrolac W- , also can be armour oxygen radical third is mellow () of series of STAPA Hydrolac PM- , or Ding Erchun () of series of STAPA Hydrolac BG- . It is to excogitate next a series of do not contain solvent gas (STAPA Hydroxal) and contain afore-mentioned dissolvent only among them a kind product. This kind of product can eliminate painting system in because of too as poor as solvent benzine compatibility and the exterior blemish problem that cause (like pearl eye) . Series of hydrous STAPA Hydroxal W can be used at production 0 " VOC " coating product.
A few function that a stable side-effect is coating can be affected adversely (exert oneself is added between dry time, coating for instance, be able to bear or endure wet sex) . Want to offset these harmful impacts, decrease below the circumstance that the use quantity of stabilizing agent is protecting product function not to cause damage to lowest.
2, the technology that wrap Fu
Development ability in swimming is aluminous piece the 2nd kind of technology is will painty grain the protection with complete package better with offerring Fu.
The painty department that generation uses the technology that wrap Fu used not the chromium of dissolve sex (III) compound (STAPA Hydrolux) : The chromium that these dye do not contain solubility (VI) salt (
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