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High polymer candle applies mediumly in coating and printing ink
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High polymer candle applies mediumly in coating and printing ink

Printing ink and coating use candle to basically be joined with the form of additive, candle kind additive exists with water latex form commonly, it is to be used at improving the surface of film to defend enlarge performance at first. The flowing sex that basically includes to raise film and improvement water proofing property. In addition, it returns what can affect coating to shed denaturation can, its affiliation can make a metal flashy the aluminium powder in lacquer the orientaton of this kind solid grain becomes even. In the coating that do not have light it can serve as dulling agent, according to its bead diameter and bead diameter distributing, candle kind the disappear smooth effectiveness of additive also each are not identical. Accordingly, candle additive has namely comfortable at bright also have apply to nonluminous. Polyethylene of modified of controlled micro crystallization candle, can use at improving the exterior quality of coating of industry of ability in swimming. Be like Ffka-906, after joining flowing sex, fight adhesion sex, fight cut sex and disappear light action to have strengthen, and can restrain painty precipitation effectively, add a quantity to be 0.25%-2.0% .

The making method of candle has 4 kinds commonly:
1, melt law: Heat below the container of airtight, high pressure with solvent melt, issue a material in proper cooling condition next, acquire finished product; Defect is quality is controlled not easily, operation cost is high and dangerous.

2, emulsification law: Can get fine round particle, apply to system of ability in swimming, but joins exterior activator will be right of film be able to bear or endure ability in swimming causes an effect.
3, dispersive law: Join in colophony solution dried meat, use ball mill, platen or other and dispersive equipment to disperse; Defect is difficult the product that acquires high quality, and cost is high.
4, micronization law: The means of micronization can use machine of eject small pink or small noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch / grader manufactures technology, it is namely they are used below high speed condition mutual after intense collision gradually disintegrate Cheng Wei is graininess, below weightlessness the ease that be blown comes out to collect and get next. This is the production method with at present most application.
Although the use method of candle is quite much, but still be with micronization candle most, and the micronization on market dried meat phyletic and various, and technology of each production manufacturer production all also has difference, make each factory micronization the bead diameter of candle distributings, the property such as opposite element quality, density, melting point, hardness all has some of difference.
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