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About auxiliary choose
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3.5.2 about auxiliary choose

According to the need that coating makes up, still need to join a few auxiliary, with improving Tu Bu further craft and contented paper print function of function etc physics. If dye divides conditioning agent of powder, anti-foaming agent, viscosity, antioxidant, fluorescent brightening gent and cation,originally lubricious agent.

A large number of foam that produce when high speed is dispersive to remove paint are right Tu Bu's influence, want to use anti-foaming agent normally; To raise paper itself is mixed of image fight ageing, be able to bear or endure fade ability, often want to use ultraviolet absorbefacient and antioxidant; And fluorescent brightening gent can use the whiteness that raises coated paper. Drier can raise the solidify rate of film, the property that inspects coating adds a capacity certainly. To a level off, smooth, even film is formed in the dry process becoming film of coating, need is added shed smooth agent.

In coating industry, have a lot of kinds of auxiliary, choose what kind of auxiliary, need is affirmatory after undertaking to the semi-manufactured goods of coating function detects.

But the sex becoming film that a lot of auxiliary can affect coating. Be like: Smooth stabilizing agent and ultraviolet light absorbefacient need careful with, because these auxiliary itself are in,this is the meeting below light and hot action is decomposed, become angry, the exterior that affects film and function. Additional, itself of ultraviolet light absorbefacient absorbs ultraviolet light excessive, can create local coating energy excessive accumulate, meet those who quicken the colophony that contacts with its and dye decompose when these energy are released. The auxiliary that only those defer colophony and dye to decompose through sharing reaction just is beneficial. Get together ether modified sheds smooth agent to meet those who affect film be able to bear or endure sometimes ability in swimming, and pure organic silicon kind shed the meeting that make the same score an agent to affect adherent force, ying Shen uses talent is.

Choose auxiliary to be being denied then so, choose why to plant auxiliary, must discreet.
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