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Into the choice of velar content
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The choice of the 3.3 content that become film

From the point of the recipe design of plastic coating, acrylic colophony because its superior performance, received very wide application, consider its function to whether accord with the demand that synthesizes paper from acrylic colophony above all when the choice becomes velar matter so.

3.3.1Acrylic colophony function

Acrylic colophony is by acrylic ester kind with methylic acrylic acid ester kind the colophony that reachs other Xi to belong to monomer copolymerization to be made, through choosing different colophony structure, different recipe, production craft reachs solvent composition, can synthesize the acrylic colophony of different type, different function and different application circumstance, structure and the difference of the mechanism that become film can divide acrylic colophony basis again for thermoplastic acrylic colophony and colophony of acrylic acid of hot solid sex.

With acrylic ester and methylic acrylic acid colophony of acrylic acid of complex of ester monomer copolymerization is opposite smooth advocate absorb a peak to be in limits of sun's rays chart besides, the acrylic lacquer that makes so has exceedingly good light resistance and outdoors aging behavior. Because acrylic colophony is lubricious shallow, colour retention, be able to bear or endure Hou Xinghao, burnish and hardness are advanced advantage, be applied extensively in domain of sex of tall adornment of room inside and outside.

Thermoplastic acrylic colophony does not produce farther cross-linking in the process that become film, its opposite element amount is accordingly larger, have the good colour retention that keep light, be able to bear or endure water is able to bear or endure chemical sex, dry fast, construction is convenient, easily construction weighs besmear and do poorly done work over again. Thermoplastic acrylic colophony is in the domain application such as car, electric equipment, mechanical, building is wide.

Colophony of acrylic acid of hot solid sex is the luscious group that shows it is certain to be contained in the structure, the medium luscious round reaction such as the amino colophony that be passed when making paint and joins, epoxy resin, polyurethane forms reticulate structure, colophony of hot solid sex is measured relative to the element commonly inferior. Coating of acrylic acid of hot solid sex has exceedingly good plump degree, burnish, hardness, solvent resistance, be able to bear or endure Hou sex, changeless when high temperature is roast color, do not return yellow. The most fundamental application is cooperate to be made with amino colophony amino - the acrylic lacquer that bake, be in at present car, autocycle, bicycle, roll the application on the product such as steel is very wide.
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