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Synthesize the choice of paper coating raw material
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The first chapterSynthesize the choice of paper coating raw material

The basic function that 3.1 coating should achieve

Because the coating of place research is for surface of paper of Tu Yu synthesis, make its achieve OK applying offset print printing ink undertakes pressworking, so this kind considers the two respects performance of coating:

(1) felt force

The exterior property that synthesizes paper is contiguous at plastic, so need chooses the colophony with right caking property, make coating and synthetic paper have good adherent power. And can flow make the same score make film flowing.

(2) sex suction Chinese ink

Synthesizing paper to be able to be used finally at the key of offset print printing ink is his surface layer has approximate the sex suction Chinese ink at art paper, so need chooses each property exceedingly good colour filling.

On put together knowable, to synthesizing the choice of the raw material of coating of paper surface layer, the choice of colophony and filling is crucial, chooses raw material must can achieve above place to need performance demand.

The influencing factor of 3.1.1 adherent force

The factor that affects coating and plastic surface to add exert oneself is very much, basically have structure of solubility parameter, element and its polarity, Fan Dehua among them key of force, hydrogen and anchorage firm action.

If coating is mixed plastic antipathic, so coating can decorticate or fall off, measure consistence or deliquescent the most commonly used method is to determine their solubility parameter δ .

If set coating to use the solubility parameter of colophony, plastic material, dissolvent,be δ respectively
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