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Congress of manufacturer of printing ink of the 2nd whole nation and forum of he
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Congress of manufacturer of printing ink of the 2nd whole nation and forum of height of printing ink industry

Printing ink industry had made the essential industry of the economy with the country, culture and people life be closely bound up. Come to our country nearly 10 years presswork the rapid growth of the industry that pack, make printing ink industry also got great progress, year increase rate maintains from beginning to end in 10% above. According to not complete count, total output of our country printing ink exceeded 390 thousand tons 2007, 6% what hold total output of global printing ink about, the rank is next to beautiful, day, heart and certain room world the 4th.

The rapid development of industry of Chinese printing ink is attracting enterprises of more and more the printing ink that cross a state to devote into among them, cropland of DIC, Dong Yang, Dong Hua, slope, Fu Lin is special, the market share that increases investment to be in China in order to enlarge its ceaselessly in these international tycoons while, still more enterprises that cross a state also are joined Cheng Wei division, amber, 10 thousand pines in succession come in participate in contend. In the meantime, hold in the palm with foliaceous family name, new east, new ferry exhibit wait for the civilian battalion enterprise for the delegate to also growing quickly, there is the argue of success and failure in the land that the printing ink enterprise of all sorts of types was full of temptation and hope in this, live with ruined test.

Congress of manufacturer of printing ink of first whole nation only then in November 2007, in the be an official of Shanghai Geweili sends big public house to be held successfully. The theme of congress of manufacturer of printing ink of first whole nation is " environmental protection and innovation " , take the lead in crying in home not only went out " printing ink wants environmental protection " resonant catchword, and creativity ground promotes environmental protection printing ink live to industry of whole printing ink the height with development, put forward " advance environmental protection of printing ink industry to change in the round " target, established alliance of green of manufacturer of countrywide printing ink. This congress builds the cooperative platform that had printing ink company not only, more the prospective development of environmental protection printing ink built up valuable industry resource.
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