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Shopping exposition of the 7th TV of 2008 China Guangzhou
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Shopping exposition of the 7th TV of 2008 China Guangzhou

Exhibit meeting name: Shopping exposition of shopping exposition of the 7th TV of 2008 China Guangzhou and the 2nd network
Place: Chinese Guangzhou bright and beautiful Chinese exhibition center (Guangzhou city sheds beautiful route 119)
Time: On September 7, 2008---On September 8
Approve an unit: Guangzhou city is versed in management board of commercial firm politics
Sponsor an unit: Shopping association of TV of organizing committee of Guangzhou TV shopping exposition, Asia-Pacific
Undertake unit: Culture of Guangzhou beautiful emperor transmits limited company
Undertake jointly: BQE shows a company
Anticipate dimensions: 15, 000m2 , ginseng exhibit an audience: 40 thousand person-time

Organizing committee orgnaization: " Asia-Pacific TV shops " culture of emperor of beautiful of magazine company Guangzhou transmits limited company

Limited company of shopping service of Shan head TV
Jiangxi is defended inspect trade of section of style of TV shopping Tianjin to develop Da Jixin of limited company Fujian to inspect net TV to buy
Gansu inspects the TV station of Gansu Province of industrial limited company that shopping Shanghai of TV of home of Western music of short for Shaanxi Province is fond of shop
Big talk of limited company of development of TV of new dazzled of guest of shopping appropriate of TV of TV station of neat Qi Haer inspects trustworthy property limited company
BQE of limited company of science and technology of thunderbolt of emperor of city of shopping Shenzhen of TV of Shanxi Shan Pusen shows a company

Media supports an unit:
Happy medium, medium inspect shop, 7 stars shop, TVSN, jubilation shops, love buys a family to shop, shop very easily, sunshine shops, domestic home shops, shop eastward, GS shops, tide shops, elegant shop, gallop city of Ma Ao, benefit is wide telex.

Contact means:
Address: 1008 510660 of 38 edifices adding Yue in highway of Guangzhou city Zhongshan