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The 4th contains project of chloric careful chemical industry to recommend and e
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The 4th contains project of chloric careful chemical industry to recommend and congress of communication of environmental protection technology informs beforehand

About the unit:

By organic chloride organizing committee of congress of communication of science and technology is sponsorred, beijing contains project of chloric careful chemical industry the 4th times when limited company of plan of image of the elegant company that overcome Er undertakes to recommend and environmental protection technology communicates congress on July 2008 the first ten days of a month is held in Nanjing. Inform concerned matters concerned as follows now.

One, conference setting

Ministry, China develops in Chinese oil and industry of chemical industry association the unit such as association of chloric alkaline industry coachs support falls, net of business affairs of Er of Beijing elegant gram - system network is located in jointly with concerned sheet among Chinese chemical industry founded 2005 " science and technology of countrywide organic chloride communicates congress " , was in 2005 respectively Qingdao, mixed in Nanjing 2006 3 are held successfully in Hangzhou 2007, the brainpower of enterprise of even more a hunderd schools and scientific research unit attended the meeting.

According to delegate and expert proposal, the 4th congress will be allowed inside and formally gives further perfect. On content, in order to contain item of chloric careful chemical industry, especially body project is recommended among medicaments, contain processing of liquid waste of chloric chemical industry to wait for communication of environmental protection technology to give priority to. Formally, give priority to body with the unit such as place of courtyard of institution of higher learing, scientific research and company of science and technology, recommend a project, exchange a technology. The conference still will invite the expert inside partial course of study to contain analysis of market of trends of ability of chloridize engineering course, product to wait undertake special subject reports.

Conference style seeks deal with concrete matters relating to work not discuss principles.
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