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Hua Na (Dongguan) international industry exposition
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2008 Hua Na (Dongguan) international industry exposition and


2008 Hua Na (Dongguan) international advertisement pressworks pack reach papermaking industry exhibition

2008Year6Month18 days- - 20Day

China - Dongguan international exhibition center

Exhibition Time: June 18 -20, 2008

Place: Dongguan International Conference & Exhibition

Extend meeting advantage:

■ rely on bead trigonometry advantage economy grows ■ the need of industry of industry of contented Hua Na

■ development " floats bead big market of industry of " of trigonometry economy area ■ exposition ginseng is exhibited involve range wide, dimensions is giant

■ of relevant orgnaization take an active part in form a delegation ginseng exhibit look around ■ tall, ginseng exhibits the enthusiasm that enterprise ginseng exhibits to upsurge enthusiasticly
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